The Multi-Tenant Architecture Advantage

The Multi-Tenant Architecture Advantage

Our SaaS solutions deploy multi-tenant architecture to help you maximize monetization while minimizing costs. Our team uses multi-tenant architecture to keep your data secure and make updates as easy as possible.

Because applications are shared across multiple organizations with multi-tenant architecture, you reap the benefits of reduced infrastructure and operational costs while increasing your online capabilities. Scaling becomes straightforward, because you already have the resources in place to grow and expand, without the financial and human resource demands of relying on single-tenant architecture. 

At Corbital Technologies LLP, security is the primary focus of our multi-tenant infrastructure. Our expert team keeps your data, sessions, apps, and processes secure without any degradation to the services you need. We create a smooth online experience while letting you reap the benefits of better business management.

Why Choose Corbital Technologies for SaaS Product Development?

Learn our process for building valuable products


Before we start developing, as a top SaaS development company, we ensure that your product features are in line with your go to market plan. Getting your MVP for product market fit is important. We help you narrow down on the product features essential for that launch. Key decisions like billing and subscription model, important integrations, the right tech stack, end user segmentation are taken during this phase.

Technology Selection

The right technology is important for your SaaS product to scale up later. With our expertise in cloud solutions, you can rest assure that your SaaS product won’t get obsolete with time.

Infrastructure Planning

We assist you in planning and building a robust infrastructure for your SaaS app development. Be it creating a multi-tenant architecture or upgrading the existing one, our team devises a smooth plan and makes sure that you avail of the maximum advantages for your business.

Code Management

With each customer stressing on multiple types of customization, SaaS products require a very different approach to manage code. What and how much to customize becomes the key in scaling the app later on. Our development approach ensures that you can provide customizations to your clients while keeping maximum code base common across deployments.


Your SaaS product may handle sensitive customer data. Ensuring its security and integrity is a key concern that we keep in mind right from the beginning. We ensure that our development methodologies, design and coding practices follow latest security guidelines